Who am I?

Hi! My name is Élvio Sousa, an enthusiastic guy from the beautiful island of Madeira who loves to design amazing projects.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer working as freelancer particulary focused on user interface and experience design, in several types of interfaces. I'm constantly trying to learn new things - at the moment it's rapid application design.

I'll be happy to meet new people so don't be hesitate if you want to talk about design and development or if you just want to say hello, you can always send me an e-mail.

And here's what I'm really good at:


Using the brain searching and getting the best ideas, then prototyping!


Getting the project visible with a beauty and useful design.


Coding some lines, the project will get alive, maybe hyperactive!


Everyone can search and find your work where it is, even out of this world!

From concept to live

I've certainly got the skills that you need to take your project, from concept to live. Check out my top skills set below:

User Interface (UI) Design

Great XP
  • Web and Mobile UI Design
  • Mobile First Design
  • Retina-ready Responsive Design

User Experience (UX) Design

Nice XP
  • Catchy & Functional Design
  • Solid, Clever and Ultimate Experience
  • Smooth & Clean Interaction Design

Pixelous Magic

Below you will find some sample shots of my projects. These have been created either as personal projects or as freelance work. Actually I'm available to work on small projects, so let's have a talk!

  • spryou

My Resume

Do you want to know more about me? Check my resume and you will get my study progress, my experience and more...

Am I able to work with you? Hope so! Would be a pleasure.


Let's Talk!

This is it! You've seen who I am and what can I do. Question is: What can I do for you?

Looking forward to hear from you, even if for a simple "Hello!". Use the form below to get in touch.